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Is teeth whitening safe for kids?

Is teeth whitening safe for kids?

Concerned parents often ask our dentists why their child's teeth look yellow or discoloured, and whether teeth whitening could help to correct the apparent staining? At Fort St. John Dental Clinic we advise against teeth whitening for kids of any age. Here's why...

My child's teeth seem discoloured, will whitening help?

It's not unusual for parents to be concerned that their child's newly erupted adult teeth appear yellowish in colour or darker than the remaining primary teeth. This apparent discolouration can lead parents to wonder whether teeth whitening could help to brighten their child's smile. 

Our dentists at Fort St. John Dental Clinic strongly advise against teeth whitening for children and young teens for a couple of reasons:

Adult & Primary Teeth are Naturally Different Colours

Within every tooth, just under the enamel there is a layer of a yellowish substance called dentin. In baby teeth (primary teeth) there is considerably less dentin than there is in adult teeth.

The increased amount of dentin is what causes adult teeth to naturally appear darker than baby teeth. This effect is most noticeable when a child's remaining baby teeth are compared to the newly erupted adult teeth. 

Parents should rest assured that the darker colour of the adult teeth will be much less noticeable once the child's remaining baby teeth have fallen out.

Not Enough Scientific Data on Teeth Whitening for Children

When it comes to teeth whitening treatments, not enough scientific data is available on the subject for us to make an informed decision about whether these solutions are safe to use on young smiles. The scientific community simply doesn't know whether whitening could negatively affect a child's developing smile.

Your child's safety is our primary concern, that's why our dentists will only recommend teeth whitening for adults looking to brighten their smiles.

To learn more about caring for your child’s developing teeth, or if you would like to find out more about teeth whitening options for adults, please contact us today. Your smile is our passion!

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