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What does dental sedation feel like?

What does dental sedation feel like?

You've chosen to have dental sedation for an upcoming dental procedure. If you're wondering what it feels like to be sedated, our Fort St. John dentists have some insights to share from their years of experience.

What will I feel during oral conscious sedation?

You may feel somewhat worried in the days before your dental sedation appointment — especially if this will be your first time being sedated. That said, knowledge is power and you're more likely to feel better after learning more about oral conscious sedation, how it feels and what you can expect. Today, we'll share some general information so you'll be prepared for your appointment. 

What is oral conscious sedation? 

With oral conscious sedation, patients with moderate to extreme dental anxiety may feel more relaxed, calm and at ease, in addition to being less nervous or stressed. We may also recommend this type of sedation for those who need complex treatment, those who have time constraints, or those have a severe gag reflex.

You may doze off during treatment. With this form of sedation, you'll take pills or liquid prescribed by your dentist about an hour before your dental appointment. You may also need to take a dose on the night before the procedure to mitigate any anxiety-related insomnia. 

This type of sedation is safe for most healthy patients and will last long enough to allow your dentist to complete most dental procedures. To prevent any interactions with other drugs, you'll need to provide your dentist a full medical history during a consultation before your procedure. 

How does it feel to be under sedation?

Feelings of anxiety or pain will likely vanish with oral conscious sedation. While you will feel sleepy, you'll stay fully conscious during your treatment and be able to communicate with your dentist. You'll also be responsive to any instructions the dental team needs to give you. If you do fall asleep, you can easily be awakened with a gentle shake. 

Typically, patients who take oral conscious sedation remember little about what takes place during their procedure. Many patients say they feel as if they've had a conscious dream after having this type of sedation. Patients usually recover from oral sedation much faster than with general anesthesia. 

Can I drive myself home after having dental sedation?

Your dentist will let you know if you need someone to drive you home after your appointment, but keep in mind the effects of oral sedation can take hours to leave your system. 

Do not allow dental anxiety or fear to keep you from getting the dental treatment you require. Our dentists can determine whether oral conscious dental sedation would be right for you and your procedure. 

Would you like to learn more about oral conscious sedation at Fort St. John Dental Clinic? Contact us to schedule a consultation. Our team of dental professionals want to help you achieve a happy, healthy and comfortable smile.

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