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Should you be a certain age before getting dentures?

Should you be a certain age before getting dentures?

Typically we think of dentures to be a natural part of getting older, but did you know that younger patients may also benefit from them? Our dentists in Fort St. John talk about replacing missing teeth and how dentures can help at any age.

Replacing missing teeth is crucial. Regardless of the cause of your missing teeth, failure to replace them can lead to shifting and potential bone loss. Dentures are a common type of tooth replacement as they can be used to replace one or more missing teeth and are used on patients in many different age groups. You will be relieved to learn that there are no age restrictions for determining whether you are a suitable candidate for dentures. Here we discuss the benefits of dentures and what you can expect at every age.

What is the typical age to get dentures?

There are a number of reasons why tooth loss occurs. From trauma to decay caused by a lack of oral hygiene. No matter the cause, dentures may be a suitable option to replace the missing teeth.

The ideal tooth replacement will depend on each patient's individual circumstances. While implants are another common tooth replacement option, dentures may be favoured for being a less expensive option. Depending on how many teeth are missing, you will also either need full or partial dentures. The type of dentures that you have will depend on the number of teeth that you are missing.

Are there any differences in getting dentures at different ages?

The denture process and effects are similar regardless of which age you get them. For patients experiencing advanced decay or damage, the dentist will likely prescribe antibiotics to treat any possible infection before they begin treating the teeth. This will help prevent the spread of bacteria into your bloodstream in order to prevent further infections and medical concerns.

What happens when you get dentures?

The first step in getting dentures will be to have the problem teeth removed. When you experience tooth loss without having a tooth replacement, you can experience a number of concerns such as bone loss and shifting teeth. This can cause a sunken appearance in the face.  Even children who are still losing their baby teeth can experience this change. Dentures can keep skin looking healthy and stop the sallowness brought on by tooth loss behind the cheek skin. Furthermore, a youthful appearance can be prolonged by cheek skin that is smooth and well-supported.

Getting used to your new dentures should happen fairly quickly. Many people adjust to the top dentures quicker than the bottom.

Dentures can improve oral health regardless of the age when you receive them. Dentures can make you appear younger, smile more alluringly, and speak more clearly. Additionally, eating may be more convenient.

Do you still have questions about getting dentures? Contact your Fort St. John dentist today to request a consultation.

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